Sliding Doors

General Description

One- or two-leaf sliding doors with or without ground guide, motorisation available.
Leaves made of internal frame in galvanised steel profiles specifically dimensioned for opening measures. Internal insulation in high density pressed extruded polystyrene 35/40 kg/m3.
Covering on both sides in 6/10 pre-coated galvanised steel and stuck with bi-component polyurethane glues.
A protection film is put on the door leaves, which needs to be removed after installation.
3 mm thick galvanised steel or black coated bearing upper guide. 4-wheeled leaves trolleys, ground fixed lower guide bearing, where guides cannot be installed. Anti-aging EPDM rubber side gaskets according to UNI 8612 regulations.  Nylon lower brushes with black aluminium profile.
Where ground guide cannot be installed, closing is obtained with galvanised steel plate, 30/10 thickness (or thicker when necessary), lower lock with closings and ground key plates.

Optional Accessories

WIndows of different sizes
Inserted pedestrian door with or without ground step
Increased thickness panels
Inserted frame windows




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