New synergies

A new company conceiving is born:
Companies collaborating together to place their best at disposal and provide customer products and complete service.

Tecnoindustriale cooperates with another leading company in the field of photovoltaic plants, which have been installed at our customers. The installed plants vary from industrial to agricultural and residential sites. The achieved successes lead Tecnoindustriale to the creation of a synergy between both companies know-hows and high professional expertise. The main goal is to offer customers a complete and skilled service of planning, installation, maintenance and technical and administrative consultancy.

Multiple saving project:
A new synergy for customers

Purchasing of garage doors and steel-clad doors
• 50% tax reduction

Installation of photovoltaic plants for companies and private individuals
• Low environmental impact;
• Economic saving, electric energy bill deduction;
• Transformation of sun heat in usable energy. The output energy can be exchanged with the ESA (Electric Services Administrator) by “local exchange”, becoming further profit source;
• Environment protection.