More than 30 years of experience

Born in 1978, TECNOINDUSTRIALE has been working for more than 30 years in the field of industrial and residential closings. The company pursued and achieved considerable targets in terms of growth in Italy, as well as abroad.
Set in the North-East of Italy in the Province of Treviso, the company is situated in an excellent logistic position. It has been expanding over the years from a little assembly shop to a nowadays total company surface of 10.000 square metres of area , of which 3.000 are covered.
The brand TECNOINDUSTRIALE has been identifying for a long time quality, reliability and durability. These high standards are already taken during planning phase of the most suitable solution to customer’s needs, as well as the long-lasting experience in the market.
A company of people, proud to play challenging and complex roles, and at the same time also satisfying and exciting ones. A well-integrated working team that consider knowledge, honesty and temperance the values on which the company builds up and improves day by day.
The values that are main part of the corporate culture are the same we offer and show to our customers, whom we mutually establish profitable business relationships with, as well as long-term and perspective, and clearly focus on a broader view than the sole simple supply.
We are able to design, manufacture, manage and handle large dimensions installation sites, from planning to post-sale, for which we are implied with our service and scheduled maintenance teams in.
We want to innovate and renew our already wide range of products, because this is the main goal of a dynamic and structured company as we are. We are in fact holders of many innovative patents in industrial closures and our research and development office is constantly analysing improvements and innovations.
… for every kind of closures, we are a company focusing on the present, with the values of the past, but at the same time we are ready to face the challenges that the future holds …
We remain at your disposal.