Tecnovision Sectional Doors

General Description

The Tecnovision aluminium sectional doors with glass sections are the ideal solution for customers looking for practical and bright closure. It can be widely implied as a garage door, where brighness and ventilations are required.

• The panels are made with aluminium structure and pluggings can be chosen among a wide range of windows and aeration grilles.
• Standard frame colour Natural Oxidized, White Grey Similar to RAL 9002, White Similar to RAL 9010, Brown Similar to RAL 8019, Green RAL 6005, Green RAL 6009, Red RAL 3000, Blue RAL 5010, Yellow RAL 1021, Grey RAL 9006 and Wood nuances between Golden Oak*, Light Oak*, Walnut*, Mahogany* and Green*. Every other colour between RAL chart available.


The Tecnovision sectional door divides in two models:

“L” Large
• It reaches up to 7 metres Width for wide openings
• Standard configuration with complete window panels and/or with inserted pedestrian door available.

“S” Small
• It reaches up to 3,1 metres and does not require vertical supports.
• Standard configuration with complete window panels available.
• Lateral pedestrian door with same sectional door configuration available.


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