Speed Pack

General Description

The SPEED PACK door is a rapid folding door designed for external openings and eases passage with forklifts or means of transport. This type of door is designed to grant a Class 2 wind resistance or more. The PVC-covered polyester mantle contains reinforcing pipes and can be equipped with transparent windows. The bearing structure is made of galvanised steel, which is set for mantle contaning inside its structure. A programmable control board, with micro-processor control and display, allows easy use to every need.

Optional Accessories

Structure painting in RAL colours
Silever Grey RAL 9006 metallic mantle
Insulated or micro-drilled mantle
Additional sections with transparent windows
Yellow bumper column
Armoured photocells
Leg/crossbeam cover
Rain cover
Front motor
Adjustable anemometer
Commuter for partial opening
Micro switch with pull rope (micro switch support available)
Additional counterweight
2/4 channel transmitter, complete with antenna and joint receiver
Adjustable intensity radar
Metal detector with 1- or 2-channel ground coils
Legs brushes
Door pre-wiring


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