Security and Security Cargo Sectional Doors

General Description

Panels: thickness 42mm, made of two patented embossed finish Sendzimir galvanized steel sheets, anti-pinch profiles. Internal and external finish with multi-line ribs, internal insulation in injected CFC-free polyurethane foam. EPDM rubber gaskets sealing and oxidized black aluminium gasket profiles.

Standard features: ergonomic internal/external lifting handle for door manual opening and closing.
Counterbalancing springs for 20.000 complete working cycles.
Springs for 50.000 or 100.000 complete working cycles available on request.
Galvanised consoles and hinges allow panels rotation.
Aluminium label with idenitification data, CE mark and main cautions.
Installation, use and maintenance book with certificates complying to the current regulations.

Standard panel colours:
Outside: Pure White, Standard White
Inside: Standard White
Semi-standard colours at extra charge:
Outside: Dark Brown, Green RAL 6005, Green RAL 6009, Blue RAL 5010, Grey RAL 9006, Grey RAL 7016
Inside: Standard White.

Optional Accessories

Single or double safety lock for manual doors with key and external unlock lever.
Oven-baked painting with polyurethane paint in RAL colours.
30 mm double-glazing or 5 mm single-layer made of transparent acrylic, opal, bronze or satin glass. 30 mm aluminium blind panel, reinforced with inner polystyrene sheets. 30 mm blind panel transparent cell-like 16 mm polycarbonate or micro-drilled aluminium aeration grille.
Oval thermoacrylic double-layer 300×600 window, oval 176×607, rectangular 300×635, round diam. 305.
PVC ventilation grilles.
Lateral pedestrian door maximum width 1400 mm.
Upper plugging for lateral pedestrian door maximum width 1400 mm.
Inserted pedestrian door with ground step or with reduced step, available width 800 and 1200 mm.
Panel plugging with painted aluminium border.
Legs with terminals in painted steel.

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