Safety Pack

General Description

The SAFETY PACK door is a rapid folding door designed for external openings and eases passage with forklifts or means of transport. This kind of door designed for wind resistance in Class 2 or higher. It is equipped with counterweight, in order to grant opening for pedestrian passage even in case of lack of power. The PVC spreaded polyester mantle contains reinfrocing bars and can be supplied with transparent windows. The bearing structure is made of galvanised steel and it is specifically modelled for mantle lodging. A programmable control board, with micro processor control and display, allow easy use for every need.

Optional Accessories

Structure painting in RAL colours available
Silver Grey RAL 9006 metallic mantle
Insulated or micro-drilled mantle
Additional sections with transparent windows
Yellow bumper column
Armoured photocells
Leg/crossbeam cover
Adjustable anemometer
Micro switch with pull rope (micro switch support available)
2/4 channel transmitter, complete with antenna and plug receiver
Adjustable intensity radar
Metaldetector with 1- or 2-channel coils
Customer logo on mantle


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