Fireproof Sliding Doors

General Description

Guides: Horizontal sliding guide, made in pressure bent, pre-drilled structural plate to fix to the supporting element by means of blocks
set along the external edges. Aerial sliding on reduced-friction carriages. Out-of-sight revolving pin for sliding on the ground.
Labirinths: in pressure bent steel plate; top labyrinth fixed to the guide; vertical labyrinths pre-drilled for wall fixing.
Panels (81 mm): produced in the form of singular modules, each one with coplanar male/female joints programmed deformability plates on the
external sides. Assembly by means of screws. Stiffening structure in steel plate at the top and at the bottom. Inner insulating
pack, resistant to high temperatures.
Pedestrian door: the pedestrian door is supplied on demand.
Gaskets: thermo-expanding elements placed on all the labyrinths and at the bottom of the panel.
Handles: embedding handles on both sides of each panel.
Functioning: self-closing system by means of counterweights activated by an electromagnet (automatic version).
Identification plate: placed right onto the handle, it the name of the producer, the year of production, the name of the certificating agency, the
number of the certification test, the level to fire resistance and the yearly given progressive number.
Finish: plate protected on both sides by a zincrometal-type zinc-coating, painted with anticorrosive epoxy primer in ecological
formulation. Minimum resistance to saline smoke exposure: 300 hours (A.S.T.M. B-117-61). Standard rust preventer: RAL 7035. Optional: finish made with satin enamels in the furnace-polymerized RAL range.

Optional Accessories

Inserted pedestrian door, complete with anti-panic bar handle
Motorisation (contact Technical Department)
Night lock


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