Folding Doors

General Description

Leaves: Vertical leaf panels thickness 52 mm. N. 2 double layer Sendzimir galvanised steel sheets with plain finish or embossed finish. Internal filling in injected polyurethane foam.
Guides: double 2 mm galvanised steel sliding guide. Mechanic limit switches setting trolley run during leaves opening.
Installation and opening: inside or outside opening both in W and in H. Inside or outside building installation.
Standard devices:
Guide stirrups for 90° rotation opening.
4-wheel nylon trolleys with anti-dust sphered bearings.
Black coated aluminium hinges with bearings and 20 mm pins.
Black coated galvanised steel closure with galvanised steel closing bars.
Internal handles for manual opening of leaves.
Distance rubber bumpers for leaves packing.
Plain finish panel standard colours:
Outside White Grey, inside White Grey.
Embossed finish panel standard colours: Inside White Grey, outside White Grey.
Aluminium label with identification data, CE mark and main warnings.
Installation, use and maintenance book with regulation certificates.

Optional Accessories

Guide stirrups for 180° leaves overturning.
Ground guide to be fixed in concrete floor.
Standard or non-standard coating on internal, external or both sides.
Inserted pedestrian door on leaf with ground step, made with black oxidized aluminium profiles with key loack and internal handle or with 3-lock anti-panic bar with or without external lock.
Cut leaf with 2-lock anti-panic bar with or without loack and external handle.
Round or rectangular with ground edges double glass 5+5 window with EPDM gasket.
Ventilation grilles in pre-coated aluminium.
Insulated plugging in door colours available.
Insulated panel for leaf packing cover in door colours available.
Protective cover for pre-coated guides.



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