Multipurpose Doors

General Description

Galvanised steel double panel pedestrian door, insulation with insulating materials, without ground profile, total thickness 60 mm.
Angular frame in galvanised steel profile with wall-up clamps, joints for assembling on site and lower screw spacer.
Lock with cylinder hole and insertion for comprised “patent” type key.
Accident-prevention black colour handle with steel inside and complete with plates with cylinder hole and insertions for “patent” type key.
Nr. 2 hinges: n. 1 spring hinge for possible self-closure and n. 1 equipped with thrust bearing spheres and screws for vertical adjustment.
Leaf internal reinforcements as pre-disposition for possible installation of door closer and anti-panic bar.
Standard coating with thermoset epoxypolyester powders, non-scratch embossed finish, Turquoise colour. On request coating on RAL colours or graphic decorations.
Maximum dimensions 1340 x 2670 mm for one-leaf door, 2660 x 2670 mm for two-leaf door.
Door weight ca. 26 kg/m2 clear opening.

Optional Accessories

Rectangular/round window
Anti-panic bar
Door closer
Anti-burglar closures
Anti-rat, anti-insect ventilation grilles

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