Giga Pack

General Description

The GIGA PACK door is a rapid folding door which is peculiarly designed in case of openings with big dimensions. The mantle is made of reinforced PVC spreaded polyester and containing reinforcing pipes and it can be equipped with transparent windows. The bearing structure is made with 30/10 thick galvanised steel profile, specially modelled for mantle lodging. A programmable control board for heavy power supply with micro processor and display permits easy use for every need.

Design features

Self-bearing structure made with hot-galvanised pressed 30/10 steel metal profile, specific for doors of big dimensions.
Legs border with black rigid PVC profile.
High resistance double-spreaded PVC flexible polyester mantle, Class 2 fire-resistant, with one window row at third section (standard at man’s height).
Reinforcing pipes against wind load.
Mantle folding with high resistance belts.
Three-phase 380/400V self-braking motor group, 7,5/10 HP (5,5 Kw) power, with rapid electro magnetic brake and galvanised steel protection cover.
Rotative limit switch group with double cam (Open – Close – Safety).
Multifuction control board with integrated push button panel CEI compliant (IP 45 protection).
Modelled mantle conveyors for mantle approach into the door legs.
Motor unlock and hand crank for manual opeing in case of lack of power or damage.
Safety signal on white background with writing “Caution! Automatic door” and “No entry when door is moving” stick to both sides of the bottom of the mantle.
N°1 couple adjustable safety photocells (within door legs).
N°2 24V blinkers.
External push button panel with opening START + emergency STOP.
Dead Man working.


Random Items
Speed Roll "4s"
Speed Roll “4S”
no crash
Speed Roll “no-crash”
Safety Pack