Easy Roll

General Description

The EASY ROLL door is a rapid rolling door designed for division of departments or zones. The reduced spaces permit easy adaptability to every industrial or commercial zone where may passages are required.
The PVC spreaded polyester mantle contains reinforcing bars and it can be equipped with transparent windows.
Door legs are made with galvanised steel, specially modelled for mantle lodging. The rolling shaft is at sight and can be supplied with roll cover, differing from the Speed Roll door.
A programmable control board, with micro processor and display permits easy use for every need.

Optional Accessories

Silver Grey RAL 9006 metallic mantle
Insulated or micro-drilled mantle
Additional sections with transparent windows
Yellow bumper column
Armoured photocells
Roll cover
Adjustable anemometre
Commuter for partial opening
Micro switch with pull rope (possible supoprt for micro switch available)
2/4 Channel transmitter, complete with antenna and joint/clamp receiver
Adjustable intensity radar
Metal detector with 1- or 2-Channel ground coils
Customer logo on mantle
Optional “4S” control board with inverter


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